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Transform your business with a better data strategy.

Unlock rich data sources and uncover tactical and strategic insights without code.

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A fast, reliable flow of actionable data is mission-critical to many enterprises, and data culture is a key factor in meeting or exceeding revenue goals-  49% of companies with data culture exceed revenue goals compared to just 38% overall. Yet, many companies are failing in their efforts to become data-driven.

At Toric, we have an opportunity to speak to many business leaders and data analysts. We've found that many organizations do not have cohesive data strategies which in turn prevents them from being data-driven. Instead, data pipelines and inquiries are created to address specific tactical issues and the data is not accessible for all stakeholders.

We’ve made it our mission to create a simple solution using a no-code single data pipeline instead of leaving businesses to figure out how to build complicated conventional data pipeline setups that become outdated as soon as they are implemented. This way, we enable organizations to build a data strategy to enable data-driven culture

In this book you will learn: 

  • - What a data strategy is and when you know you need to make a change

  • - The key differences between conventional & single data pipelines

  • - How your team can benefit from a single data pipeline in your data strategy